Kathy and Yvette – A Perfect Match

by Eric Corum

Meet Yvette. She has been a caregiver for 21 years. She has found a kindred spirit in Kathy, who she works with on a weekly basis.


post-surgery caregiver

Kathy has had a wealth of experience throughout her life. She’s raised four wonderful children, worked in accounting for 40 years and provided care as a caregiver for three years before retiring at the age of 75. During her time as a caregiver, she assisted a lady with Alzheimer’s and enjoyed it immensely, although she said with a chuckle, “I wake up every morning thankful that I’m not working. I put in my time.

Now, Kathy is under the care of one our Helper Bees, Yvette. Kathy says “I love Yvette to pieces. I wish that she could be by my side, day in and day out. And I’ll tell you somethin’, if you feel like having a day at the spa, just have Yvette give you a bath. It’s just like a day at the spa! She’s such a professional and really takes care of me.”


It’s clear that the appreciation for each other is mutual as Yvette turned to Kathy to say,

“I feel like your adopted daughter.”

Yvette and Kathy love to go out to lunch when they feel there is time on the calendar. Yvette also helps to organize Kathy’s day that is always filled with visits from medical professionals, family and friends. Yvette reads to Kathy and they also do some coloring together whenever the mood strikes. Kathy believes that Yvette is very skilled with drawing, so it can be a great motivator! “We try to keep Kathy active after her surgery. A lot of people come here to visit her every week.” she said thoughtfully.

Throughout our visit with the two of them, Yvette was rocking a brand new Helper Bees T-shirt. She said that when her niece in New York saw a photo with her in it, she called her up and needed to know where she got it. “She’s fascinated with bees,” Yvette said with a native New York accent. Sounds the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Here at the Helper Bees we often hear other great stories like the one of Yvette and Kathy. It is one of our company’s missions to ensure these empowering stories of seniors and helpers are told. That is why, as opposed to other traditional agencies, The Helper Bees pays caregivers almost double what they would make in a traditional agency and have a flexible policy on work hours. These characteristics have a big impact on the lives of our helpers. A happier Bee is more encouraged to provide better service and companionship. All of this comes at no cost to you — we’re of the most affordable ways to find quality in-home senior care in central Texas.

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