Caregiver’s Perspective – An Inspirational Story

by Eric Corum


We like to share inspirational caregiving stories, especially when we get to spend some time with our fantastic clients and their caregiver.

Meet Diane Hardin. She knows what it’s like to be a caregiver.


Diane feels the caregiver works hard and deserves higher compensation.

Her 40 years of providing care has shaped the way she thinks about the elderly and those that offer their time and attention to helping them. She first got her start as a caregiver in the 1950’s as a Brownie Scout when she was a child. Although the facility was grim, she vividly remembers falling in love with the elderly population, so she spent the rest of her life trying to help out whenever she could. She also spent quite some time working in a retirement community.

Due to her deep understanding of the caregiving community, she was drawn to the concept of The Helper Bees. As she puts it, “[The Helper Bees] acknowledge that the caregiver is entitled to a larger percentage of the compensation (as opposed to other traditional agencies).

Caregiver Alma is a proud Helper Bee

Alma is one of many excellent Helper Bee Caregivers!

Her Helper Bee, Alma, comes a couple days a week to help Diane with transportation to doctors’ appointments. Having to depend on rideshare companies was demoralizing to Diane. She appreciates the consistent reliability of the Helper Bee platform.

“Alma has kind of been my side kick. She’s there if there are any changes.

Diane used to live by the beach in Georgia, and although she misses those sandy-shore walks, Alma and Diane make it a point to go for an hour walk every day. She’s a big believer in an active lifestyle, saying that “[…] movements help all your bodily parts that may not be happy. It makes a difference. I think it’s really important to stay involved. People need to have a sense of purpose.


Diane is new to Austin and tries to get out on the weekends to explore and enjoy time spent away from doctors’ appointments. She’s feeling much better these days and is sincerely grateful for the help that she receives. Companionship comes in many different packages sometimes.

Here at the Helper Bees we often hear other great stories like the one of Diane and Alma. It is one of our company’s missions to ensure these empowering stories of seniors and helpers are told. That is why, as opposed to other traditional agencies, The Helper Bees pays caregivers almost double what they would make in a traditional agency and have a flexible policy on work hours. These characteristics have a big impact on the lives of our helpers. A happier Bee is more encouraged to provide better service and companionship. All of this comes at no cost to you — we’re of the most affordable ways to find quality in-home senior care in central Texas.

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