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Independence Portal

The Ultimate Solution for Aging in Place

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Austin-based pilot program, with a range of aging-in-place support services to help people live and age independently. Because you’re a valued customer of The Helper Bees, we want to give you early access to our transformative new tool, the Independence Portal.


Access to Care & Support Services

Aging-In-Place Marketplace

Our goal is to make it your one-stop shop for errands, meal delivery, home modifications, pest control, rides, and more. With this user-friendly website, you can easily book and manage these services online—all in one place.


Aging-In-Place Marketplace

Services Offered


In-home Support

Services like personal care, companionship, and homemaker.


Home & Bathroom Safety

Modifications and installations around the house.



Non-emergency transportation to and from appointments.


Virtual Exercise

Individual and group online exercise classes.



Nutritional consultations, meal prep services, and food delivery.



Prescription pickup, laundry drop off, and shopping services.


Access to Educational Content

Resource Library

From understanding advanced care planning and cognitive health to exploring financial planning and home modifications, our Resource Library covers a range of topics. Empower yourself with knowledge and gain insights into aging well through our educational content that designed to assist you in making informed decisions and navigating the aging journey with confidence.


Resource Library

Pilot Program Perks



Access a wide range of support services you can order from the comfort of home and deliver directly to your door.



Choose from trusted service providers for high-quality care and support every time.



Save time and reduce the hassle of managing across multiple vendors.



Tailor the services to fit your specific requirements and needs each month.


Rest assured, our providers are carefully vetted and selected.

We understand the importance of finding reliable and trustworthy help when it comes to various aging-in-place tasks and services. That’s why we take immense pride in our Marketplace, where every provider is meticulously vetted and selected to ensure you receive the highest quality care and support.


Rest assured, our providers are carefully vetted and selected.
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